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Refund Policy

The money for your custom development, graphic design and web design projects may be refunded in full, less the cancellation fee.

If you claim a refund at any time before I have started to work on your project, the cancellation fee will be 20% of the full project cost. The other 80% will be refunded in full.

If you claim a refund at any time after I have started to work on your project, the cancellation fee will be calculated according to the progress of the project and the total amount issued back will be dependant upon my analysis of the time spent on the project.

There will be no refund beyond the initial 20% on projects that do not have a written agreement or a official quote page containing my letterhead. I strive to create the best website for you and if you are unsatisfied I will work hard to correct any problems that may exist.

In the event that both parties agree on canceling a project and that a refund will be issued, please be aware that the refunded amount may be issued over the course of multiple payments.

Note: This Refund Policy was created on 8/19/2009 and may be modified at anytime.

My Rates

Website Development Estimates:
$2,100 starter site
$3,200 professional site
$4,500 pro site + e-store

- Includes 1 domain name
- Pro sites include 1 year of green web hosting

Custom packages are available. Contact for info.


Web Hosting: $60/year
- 1GB disk space & unlimited bandwidth
- 130% wind powered

Logo Design: $379
- Provided to you in 3 variations

Hire Per Hour: $55
- Business consultation
- Custom programming

Note: Custom packages & pricing may be available. Just ask!


Contact Me

phone: 720/295.GETZ (4389)
email: ryan@ryangetz.net
mail: 9451 W 65th Ave
          Arvada, CO 80004

Featured Project


Website concept, design & management
Local news & community information for Sergeant Bluff, Iowa

Just Launched

Project: Denver Coupon Website
Client: SaveOnMMJ.com
Launched: Fall 2011

Consulting Work

Duckback Exterior Products
Coors Brewing
Sonic Bloom Festival
Hot Pockets
Americana Screen Printing

Client Snapshot

Furthur Festival
Associated Massage Therapists
Greenhouse Lounge
Observatory Park Condos
Wakarusa Music Festival 2010
Wakarusa Music Festival 2009
Sonic Bloom Festival
Joeisapunk Records
Gambler Connection
Epic Wine & Vineyards
Big Metal Rooster
RMP Music Sharing Project
Thread Hot Momma
Team Outdoors
Kozy Knights
Game Cave Inc.
Sergeant Bluff-Luton Schools
Sioux City Dodgeball Association
Hawkeye Glory
Unique Events of NW Indiana
Summit Equipment
Tech Zues
Immanuel Music Ministry

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