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Domain Renewal $13.00
Domain Renewal

I register your specified domain for a period of 1 year and will change the domain name servers if requested. If you would like to lock in the renewal rate for additional years just add multiple instances of this item to your cart. Each $13 buys you an additional year.

Annual Web Hosting (Basic) $357.00
Annual Web Hosting (Basic)

Website Hostin & 30 minutes of website support/updates each month
(15% discount over month by month)

Annual Web Hosting (Advanced) $459.00
Annual Web Hosting (Advanced)

Website Hosting, 1 hour of website support/updates each month, Facebook & Twitter setup (15% discount over month by month)

Thierry Pepin Web Development Payment #2 $1095.00
Thierry Pepin Web Development Payment #2

Payment 2 of 3. View the Agreement here: http://bit.ly/Tvf1F7

Annual Web Hosting (Premium) $720.00
Annual Web Hosting (Premium)

Unlimited Website Hosting, 1 hour of website support/updates each month, Facebook & Twitter setup & 3 hours of Facebook & Twitter management each month (20% discount over month by month)

RMOBC Banner Ad Creation $45.00
RMOBC Banner Ad Creation

Development of banner ad for SOBI website. Already delivered. 

Project #10301 3rd Payment $1155.00
Project #10301 3rd Payment

Per our agreement, this is the 3rd payment for the project.

Weekly Late Fees $50.00
Weekly Late Fees

Please add 1 item to your cart per week that you are late on your payment. Thank you for getting your bill current so that we can reschedule and get back on track. 


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